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Pioneering bring market into the classroom
Pioneering bring market into the classroom
With criteria "Pioneering bring market into the classroom", the courses of Pharma Marketing Academy (PMA) organizations will bring calculation high practical, help trainees approach those specialized knowledge Pharmaceutical of the world into practice business at Vietnam
Pharmaceutical Marketing Professional
As you know, most pharmaceutical companies have marketing department, every day thousands of businesses who are hunting for the professional pharmaceutical marketers. Whatever you're doing Marketing Programs Drug List are needed practical knowledge to develop Marketing Professionals jobs in pharmaceutical companies.
Business consultant for Pharmaceutical companies in Vietnam
We have developed mentoring programs for pharmaceutical companies to help businesses develop new products, market development, provide a solution for the price, set up distribution channels and marketing communications for Pharmaceutical product
We associated with BMG in practical training in Vietnam
We partner with BMG Internatioanl Educaton in practical training in Vietnam. We appreciate the efforts of BMG in Vietnam in the design of business training programs.


Pharmaceutical Marketing Course (PMC)
Almost Vietnam pharmaceutical companies already have Marketing Dept . Everyday, there are a lot of companies seeking staffs for Dept. Even though you are Marketing Executive or Pharmacist or Pharmaceutical Representative, you still need more knowledge of ...
Pharmaceutical Sales Manager (PSM)
Pharmaceutical Sales Manager is an important position in any pharmaceutical companies.  The Managers are the ones who make critical decisions to improve sales targets and bring great value for business development.
Medical Representative Course (MRC)
As Medical Representative plays an important role in pharmaceutical companies, therefore, numerous young people who graduate from pharmaceutical universities and colleges choose it for their career path. However, the companies only seek medical ...
PMA: The Method of making effective business plan for Vietnam enterprises
Recently, at Sapphire Hotel, PMA combined with BMG International Education Program successfully organized 54 training ...
PMA: Successfully held the in-house training program
PMA: Trade Marketing for the Pharmaceuticals enterprises
PMA: Methods of distribution system building and development for
PMA: Efficient Method to set up and operate the system KPI
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A new tool for live cell imaging has been announced by Cellectis bioresearch - a subsidiary of Cellectis Group. VizuCELL cell ...
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3rd Annual Drug Delivery and Formulation America Summit 2013
CPhI Conferences
The Talent Management Summit 2013
International Exhibition for Pharma and Healthcare Iphex 2013
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The most effective method for brand discovery remains articles published in mainstream media outlets, according to a recent ...
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Perfecting the Art of Customer Service in Your Pharmacy Business
PMA: The Method of making effective business plan for Vietnam enterprises
Recently, at Sapphire Hotel, PMA combined with BMG International Education Program successfully organized 54 training practices: "Method of making effective business plan for Vietnam ...
PMA: Successfully held the in-house training program
A win - win negotiation is the goal that all negotiators would want to target to ensure their benefits and keep the long-term relationship with partners. Everyone knows that, but when ...
Edouard Demeire, Professor Pharma Marketing
"I think the sharing of knowledge on business for the pharmaceutical companies is essential, from market research to product development and the introduction of new products into the market by the media is very important ..."
Pham Van Tien, Sanofi Aventis Vietnam
"Lecturers who are senior directors at domestic and international pharmaceutical companies will create the highly application for training programs. Therefore, students can update immediately useful case studies in the market."
Martin Austin, Founder & Managing Director of TransformRx
"Unlike other courses that focus on a particular skill or aspect, this programme addresses all key steps in the pharma business development process, equipping you with powerful decision-support tools, expert insight into key success factors and ..."
Nguyen Vu Dai Duong, DKSH
"I believe  that the cooperation between PMA and BMG in implementing practical training programs will be the pioneer to bring useful solutions for development of pharmaceutical companies.    "
Fonny Schenck, CEO of Across Health
"The pharmaceutical companies active in the field is quite typical and therefore the knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry is essential for the team, especially Marketing, PR, Sales ..."
Luong Thanh Van, AstraZenneca
"I'm doing The pharmaceutical and want to find yourself a chance to become a professional Marketing Expert, Pharmaceutical Marketing course with in-depth practical knowledge will help me do this"
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